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Hilda Staub:


Artistic work:

I love working in nature; for me, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, through its cycle of growth and decay - tranquillity and movement, closeness and distance. This is how I find my forms and colours in a playful exchange. The geometric two-and three-dimensional figures and forms alternate with the figurative ones. The colours dissolve, and a variation of transparent black - white emerges. Light and shadow assume shape in the creative process. For some years I have, alongside my painting, developed these light and mobile objects with acrylic-covered fabrics on stainless-steel wires. The spontaneous movements made by the wind are part of my creation, as are the light reflections and shadow plays.


Website         www.kuenstlerarchiv.ch/hildastaub

E-Mail           baumgartner-staub@hin.ch

Address        Huebstrasse 28, CH 9402 Mörschwil, Switzerland

Phone           0041 71 866 17 42