Sonja Brissoni -

Sonja Brissoni:


Artistic work:

"This monumental sculpture made of bands of steel called "noeuds" is the result of several years of searching for the New, which Sonja Brissoni was engaged in over the last few years.

She waited a long time before showing these new works to the public, because it demanded a great effort of will from her to accept the enormous difference to her previous artistic work. How many 'noeuds' (knots) did she have to undo to find balance in the sculpture as well as in herself, something that was always perfectly present in her earlier works (silhouettes équilibristes)? Her standards could only be met by the emotionally coherent and mathematically perfect form.

For this cycle of works, Sonja Brissoni developed ten sculpture models with the dream of one day being able to execute them as a monumental sculpture." (Jean-Loup Cornet)


Sonja Brissoni, the daughter of the artist Jean Brissoni, left us much too early, on 18 October 2010, aged 56. She has left us many, not yet realised, art projects.